Frequently Asked Questions


How does the reservation/time ticketing system work?

Reservations are not required for General Admission tickets. However, reservations are required for Fast Pass tickets and VIP tickets to ensure your wait is minimized. To make a reservation for Fast Pass or VIP, follow the steps below. 1: Navigate to the " Tickets" page on our website. 2: Select either "Fast Pass" tickets or "VIP" tickets. Click "Purchase" 3: Agree to our fraud prevention system. (Matching ID required to enter) 4: Select the date and time on which you would like to experience the attraction. 5: Select the quantity of tickets and confirm you have selected the correct time and date. 6: Complete purchase. 7: That's it! Your reservation has now been locked in and completed. 8: Arrive early or on time. Please note: Late arrivals will result in longer waits.

Will COVID-19 impact your 2021 season?

COVID-19 was certainly a challenge for us, but we are happy to annouce that The Legendary Dungeon of Doom Haunted House is back in full force! This means social distancing, and timed reservations (for general admission only) have been removed for the 2021 season. Please note that face coverings are currently required while indoors by the state of Illinois. For a list of the changes for the 2021 season, click here. Although the risk for COVID-19 may have gone down, we are still reguarally sanitizing our building to ensure a safe enviornment for our customers and staff members. Please note: A timed reservation is still required for Fast Pass tickets and VIP tickets.

Are you opening for the 2021 season?

Yes! The Legendary Dungeon of Doom Haunted House will be open select nights September 25th, 2021 through November 6th, 2021. For a full list of our dates and hours, please click here.

Are reservations required to attend for the 2021 season?

No, reservations are not required for General Admission tickets ONLY. Reservations will be required for Fast Pass tickets and VIP tickets. To purchase tickets, please click here.

Will you accept cash payments?

Yes! Cash sales have resumed from the 2020 season. All tickets purchased on site much be purchased with cash and cash only. An on site ATM is always availible.

How much is it?

All of our pricing information can be found on our "Tickets and Dates" page here.

What changes have you made for the 2021 season?

The Legendary Dungeon of Doom Haunted House has made drastic changes for the 2021 season! Some of these changes include: - Mercy General Hospital renovation - Removal of ALL staging areas inside the attraction other than Mercy staging - New and improved scares - Brand new Gateway show - Relocation of Buried Alive to accomodate large crowds - Quimby's Slaughterhouse renovation - New "Fast Pass" ticket option - New and improved digital photo booth experience - New exclusive 25th Anniversary merchandise - New off season events

Will Buried Alive be availible for the 2021 season?

Yes! Our legendry "Buried Alive" attraction is back for the 2021 season. Please note: Due to popular demand, Buried Alive has become an upcharge attraction on certain dates. Buried Alive will always be included with every VIP ticket purchase. - CLAIM YOUR FREE BURIED ALIVE CODE HERE -

When are you open?

We are open select nights from September 25th to November 6th. For a full list of our dates and hours, please click here.

Why is Buried Alive an upcharge attraction on certain dates?

Our most popular attraction, Buried Alive, has become so high demand that it has caused backups within the attraction, taking away from the experience of our customers. To ensure our customers experience the absolute best show, we have made the difficult decision to make Buried Alive a $5.00 upcharge for our General Admission ticket holders on select nights. Buried Alive will ALWAYS be included with your Fast Pass and VIP ticket. - CLAIM YOUR FREE BURIED ALIVE CODE HERE-

What is the Blackout event on November 5th and 6th?

Blackout is back for our 2021 season! Blackout is a special event that takes place on the first weekend of November. Experience The Legendary Dungeon of Doom Haunted House in complete darkness with only a single glowstick to guide your way. One of the most terrifying ways to experience The Legendary Dungeon of Doom Haunted House!

How old do you have to be to enter?

Although we do not have an age requirement, it is strongly encouraged that no one under the age of 12 enters our attraction. However, we leave it up to our customers to make this decision. Please note: Our attraction features suggestive themes, gore, profanity, intense grahpic scenes, high enegery scares, complete darkness, and it not reccomended for anyone who may be bothered by depictions of gore, voilence, or death.

Can the actors touch you?

No, our actors are not allowed to touch or grab you. However, it is their responsibility to make you as scared and uncomfortable as possible, so they will get extremely close and force you out of your comfort zone. This may result in them brushing past you or lightly bumping into you as you experience our intense attraction.

What is Buried Alive?

Although we cannot spoil the surprise, Buried Alive is an extreme claustrophobic attraction that lasts approximately 5 minutes. You will enter a room and be buried alive by a sectret substance simulating the ecperience of being buried six feet deep without a coffin. This an extreme experience not reccomended for anyone who has extreme claustrophobia.

Are face masks required for 2021?

Yes, as of now the state of Illinois has mandated that face coverings must be worn while inside. We will be requiring all customers and staff members to wear a mast until this mandate is lifted. Face masks are available for $1.00 on site.