Killer Crew Page Under Construction


Breed: Conqueror of Killers

Likes: To make you scream until your throat bleeds 

Lives: Mercy General Hospital 

Hobbies: Finding undiscovered organs 

Smell: Dry blood

Theme Song: Intro - Busta Rhymes Extinction Level Event


Breed: Psycho killer 

Likes: Screaming in pain

Lives: Inside your rotting wounds 

Hobbies: Sharpening blades 

Smell: Rotten maggot infested meat

Theme Song: Cut Above the Rest 


Breed: Undiscovered Breed

Likes: Huffing gas and making prison shanks

Lives: Under the bridge into The Dungeon of Doom

Hobbies: Yelling at Krow and tasting different paint thinners

Smell: Gas fumes, sweat, and grease 

Theme Song: Slaughter to Prevail - Demolitioner 


Breed:  Demonic Experiment 

Likes: Bashing heads in with bird feeders

Lives: Darkest depths of the woods

Hobbies: Yelling at Maggot & manipulating human anatomy 

Smell: Rotting flesh

Theme Song: Bloodthirster - Angelmaker 


Breed: Annoying little s**t

Likes: Instigating and playing hide and seek

Lives: Inside it's own world

Hobbies: Playing with the other "spooky monsters"

Smell: Sugary farts 

Theme Song: Every Kids Bop album. Ever. 


Breed: Human

Likes: Long walks with her pet "precious"

Lives: The psychiatric wing of the nursing home

Hobbies: Twerking for cash

Smell: Whiskey and candied peppermints 

Theme Song: Macarena - Tyga 


Breed: Cannibalistic homosapien

Likes: Eating decomposed flesh

Lives: Mercy General Psych Ward

Hobbies: Screaming for no apparent reason 

Smell: B.O. and decomposing flesh

Theme Song: Abigail by MIW


Breed: Archdemon 

Likes: Devour clowns and eat candy wrapped in flesh

Lives: Moves from city to city

Hobbies: Killing clowns then eating their flesh to strengthen himself 

Smell: Candy mixed with blood

Theme Song: Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul OP


Breed: Toxic Human

Likes: Machetes and torture

Lives: The Underworld

Hobbies: Playing in toxic waste with rats 

Smell: Rotting garbage and acid

Theme Song: Ramirez - The Acacia Strain

Hayze (MUTE)

Breed: Unhinged Klown

Likes: Laughing into the darkness

Lives: Underneath the Gateway cage

Hobbies: Chasing Diddles around

Smell: Sweat and lime flavored popcorn

Theme Song: Shattered Glass - Fit For a King